Title Sequence Revealed for Costume Quest Animated Series

Every year, there are several announcements for numerous film or television adaptations of hit video games (though only a few ever seem to come to fruition), so some can fall through the cracks over time. For example, the animated series based on Double Fine’s hit Costume Quest games. We first heard rumblings about it way back in 2015, but we haven’t heard much regarding it since then. Needless to say, that all stops now. Cartoon Hangover has debuted the main title sequence for the Costume Quest series, now due out in 2019.

You can check out the intro below, and like any good title sequence, it perfectly sets up the premise while displaying some great animation and dynamic action. The series follows the adventures of four kids as they defend their town of Auburn Hollow on Halloween from various monsters, with the help of powers given to them by their handmade costumes. And while there’s no confirmation, the four leads definitely look like main characters Wren, Reynold, Lucy, and Everett. Costume Quest comes to us from Frederator Studios, and considering their success with Netflix’s Castlevania series, this suggests great things. The series debuts next year on Amazon Prime as a Prime Video Original, so keep an eye out for it.