Déraciné Pops Onto PSVR Tomorrow

FromSoftware’s next game launches tomorrow! No, it’s not Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, that one doesn’t launch until March. No, this game is known as Déraciné, and it’s an adventure game for the PSVR. It’s also about as far away from Dark Souls and Bloodborne as one can get.

In Déraciné, players take on the role of a magical faerie living at a remote boarding school with several young children. They aren’t really aware of the faerie’s existence, but it must have caused enough mischief over the years to inspire some stories. Mischief really isn’t the name of the game though, as there’s a mystery afoot at this school and it’s up to the faerie to solve it.

Déraciné is set up like an old-style adventure game; instead of directly engaging with the environment and its characters, the player instead must gather whatever objects and information are available to them. Their faerie exists outside of time, so the world exists in a frozen state most of the time. Objects and people only move once the faerie interacts with them, so getting the necessary information to unravel what’s going on won’t be quite as easy as it first seems.

Déraciné launches for PlayStation 4’s PSVR on November 6.