Atmospheric Platformer GRIS Sets a December 13 Release Date

Since its announcement earlier this year prior to PAX West, GRIS quickly established itself as one of this year’s most anticipated indie games, with ourselves being stunned over it’s challenging gameplay and jaw-dropping graphics. Nomada Studio have done an impressive job so far, and their hard work is about to pay off soon. GRIS now has a December 13 release date, meaning we only have to wait one more month for it. And with this announcement comes a quick new gameplay trailer, which you can check out below.

The latest clip still keeps things mysterious in terms of plot, although we do know that this is the journey of a girl attempting to deal with an unknown painful experience, whose dress reflects their sorrow in various ways. And appropriately, this fabric is subject to some incredible animation and handy skills to utilize. Our heroine can shift their dress into a huge block to make an impact, or use it for flight, among other things. We also get hints of more puzzles to come, incredibly creepy jet-black enemies, and a deeper look into this game’s world. It all looks like fascinating stuff, and we can’t wait for GRIS when it hits the Switch and PC on December 13, courtesy of Devolver Digital.