Cute But Deadly RTS/Tower Defense Hybrid Fluffy Horde Now Available

Monty Python and the Holy Grail has taught us many, many things over time. Among those things is the fact that the deadliness of rabbits cannot be underestimated. So to help illustrate that point, Humble Bundle and developers Turtle Juice have brought us Fluffy Horde, a blend of tower defense and real-time strategy centered around in invasion of adorable bunnies. The game is available now for all to check out, complete with a suitably insane trailer seen below.

The clip itself is actually older, but still gets the concept, tone, and gameplay across perfectly. After a shaman is denied a dwelling by three different kingdoms, they seek revenge on all. Naturally, said revenge takes the form of the titular horde, consisting of countless magicial, hyper-breeding bunnies. We get to see some…interesting ways of dealing with them as they march across a 2D plane in massive numbers, alongside other odd sights. Multiplayer mode is also present, allowing two players to battle it out by deflecting the cotton-tailed menaces. Fluffy Horde is now available on PC, and may be one for strategy fans to check out if they want something unique.