NIS America Announces Final PS Vita Games

Even though it’s already been written-off by most, the PlayStation Vita is still hanging in there for its dedicated audience. However, the handheld’s time may truly be drawing to a close now as developers opt to stop making games for it. NIS America announced today that it will only be publishing three more games for PlayStation Vita: The Lost Child, Penny Punching Princess, and The Longest Five Minutes.

The Lost Child

The Lost Child┬áputs players in the shoes of a man by the name of Hayato, an invesigative journalist who works for the fictional occult magazine “LOST.” He doesn’t stay a journalist for long though, quickly finding himself on a divine mission to capture demons and defeat Cthulhu. The game follows the basic dungeon-crawling format and doesn’t do anything particularly special with it, so it could make for a good starting point for fans new to the genre.

Penny Punching Princess

Penny Punching Princess on the other hand is an action RPG in which a princess sets out on a quest to recover her father, her fortune and perhaps gain a little extra helping of revenge along the way. This is a character that fully believes in the power of money, and she makes full use of it.

The Longest Five Minutes

The Longest Five Minutes Review Screenshot 3

Finally, The Longest Five Minutes joins its hero just moments before they take on the final boss and save their world from the oppressive “Fog.” The only problem is that the hero has forgotten absolutely everything that led up to this point. What follows is their attempt to retrace their steps before time runs out an the demon king wins. He’ll relive every battle, conversation and achievement right up until the end, if he can. This is a pretty standard JRPG, but maybe standard is all one needs sometimes.

All three of the listed games are already available digitally on the platform, but NIS America will be launching them physically as of March 19, 2019. Check out our reviews linked above and see if these final PlayStation Vita games are worth grabbing when the time comes.