Audio-Based Dungeon Crawler Soundfall Immediately Smashes Fig Campaign Goal

Yesterday, developers Drastic Games began a Fig campaign for their new dungeon crawler Soundfall, in order to allow a wider audience to be involved with the game’s development. Having set a $50,000 funding goal, the team excited to get things going. And they were presumably even more excited when that goal was immediately hit in less than a day. So now at over 150% of their initial goal (as of this writing), Soundfall seems like a crowdfunding success. Set in the land of Symphonia – the personification of music – Soundfall is a colorful adventure where your songs determine everything around you as you fight back against the Discordians.

In Soundfall, entire dungeons will shape themselves around the length, speed, bass, and several other aspects of your chosen song. Everything from layout to enemy behavior also forms around it, creating unique challenges to tackle as you blast along to the beat. And while the game will have an amazing soundtrack of its own, PC players will be able to import tracks as well, with similar systems in the works for consoles. You can catch a better glimpse of the core gameplay in the trailer below, and check out the campaign if interested for more details. New stretch goals such as voice acting and animated cutscenes are now there as well, giving backers more to aim for. Soundfall won’t be due out until 2020 for all major platforms, but looks to be worth it.