Battlefield V Starter Tips Guide

You might see some reviews for Dice’s Battlefield V popping up here an there. EA and Dice held a review event in Sweden, one that I was able to enjoy, and gave us a chance to get a fairly large amount gameplay in. The thing is, it wasn’t quite enough to feel confident with rendering a final verdict on the launch product. Instead of playing on a local server, we want to ensure that everything doesn’t melt when it goes live. Also, all of our stations were equipped with 2080Ti cards. It seemed wise to check out how it runs on a card mortals own. Long story short, what we played is going to make existing Battlefield fans very happy and should bring in some new and lapsed players as well. That’s some high-quality shooting right there. In the meantime, it seemed prudent to give some information that will be extremely useful when the game goes live. So in no particular order:


Long-time players will pretty much already know their strengths and gravitate towards their chosen class. Newbies won’t know which way is up. Both groups are highly encouraged to switch things up. I began my time with the game sticking to the Assault class, but found the rebalances made me much more efficient as a Medic. Try different ones out, and see what you enjoy. For the uninitiated, the classes are:

  • Assault: A basic building bock of any team. Comes loaded with a decent midrange weapon and anti-vehicle explosives. When in doubt, this is always a solid pick.
  • Medic: People in this game will get shot, even if they don’t suck. It’s just fact of Battlefield. With Battlefield V, players will now need to heal themselves via health packs instead of waiting for health to automatically regenerate. The problem is that each trooper can only carry one pack. That’s where the Medic comes in. Able to resupply health packs, and carry an infinite amount for themselves, they are everybody’s friend.
  • Support: Battlefield V puts a premium on ammo. It’s quite easy to run out at the worst of times. The Support class is there to prevent it, tossing around boxes of ammo like a particularly militant Santa. Plus, Support can repair vehicles faster (any driver can now do repairs from inside, but it takes time), and build up fortifications at a greater rate, with extra bells and whistles. (More on that later.)
  • Recon: Basically, the sniping class. They can spot enemies for the team (instead of everyone have the ability, like in Battlefield 1) and can put on quite a bit of hurt from a safe distance. These people are awesome when they are on your team and the product of the most foul excretion imaginable when they’re on the other side.

While you’re experimenting, be sure to check out out the different weapons as they become available, even if it doesn’t seem like an improvement. Those bars showing the weapons stats don’t mean everything.

Set Goals for Yourself:

Even at launch and before Dice pours on a wealth of new options via the free Tides of War expansions, there is quite a bit to unlock. Cosmetics, abilities, weapons specialties and more, it might seem like there is no way to get everything. There is, through tons of play, but it’s best to choose what you want after you’ve found a comfortable niche during the experimentation phase. Deciding on what you want will make streamlining the process much easier. This seems like basic advice, but it was something that discussions with other folks at the event showed to be worth mentioning.

Fill Out Your Squad:

Battlefield V is placing greater emphasis on squad work than ever before. People that work together will have the greatest chance of success. Therefore, take a moment to look at the squad makeup. If there are already three Recon troops, they won’t need another. They could use someone to throw them ammo and lay down suppressing fire, Cyril style, to keep an enemy in place. Oh, and if you’re one of those three recon folk, pick another class. They’re all fun to play, and no squad needs more than two of a type. You’re setting yourself up for failure.

Stick With Your Squad:

This one comes with some caveats. Paying with randoms can make for some interesting experiences. If you’re on a team made up of folks that huff gasoline before they play, get away. You don’t want to be there when they decide to start plinking away at a tank from a guard tower with their pistol. The aftermath is never pretty. But if you are on a team with folks that seem to have half a brain or more, stick with them. Rescuing and resupplying teammates yields more XP than other troops on your side and it’s easier to coordinate four people instead of all 31. Whatever you do, though, don’t try to lone wolf it. That tends to result in a quick corpse-ification.

Don’t Forget to Support:

If you are playing the Medic or Support class, share the wealth. If someone needs what you have to give, an icon will flash over their head. Press the button and toss them some ammo or a medkit. It doesn’t cost you a thing and could save your life in the long run, because:

Anybody Can Pick a Teammate Up:

It used to be that, if someone goes down, the only class that could revive them was the Medic. That’s not the case anymore. The Medic can do it much faster with a dose of Anti-Getting-Shot-In-The-Head Serum, but any other class can bring a fallen friend back into the fight by, well, patting them down and giving them a hand up. Don’t forget this, vets.

No, Really. Anybody Can Pick a Teammate Up:

We’re stressing this because you’re a jerk if you leave a teammate down even when it’s safe to pick them up. On the other hand, there’s a term for a friend on the ground screaming in pain and crying for help: Bait. If you put someone down and you don’t have to relocate right away, wait a moment. You might get a free kill. Speaking as someone who has perpetrated this tactic and had it used against him, it works.


When the news of the Fortification feature reached these ears, I was less than enthused. I don’t like Fortnite and don’t want that nonsense in Battlefield. It is not that. Instead, there are prefab spots, represented by a hammer, that can be built up. It automatically chooses what it will do, from digging a trench, building a sandbag wall or setting up some coils of barbed wire. The Support class can even add weapon emplacements. If your team is planning on holding a point, check to see what can be built up. That extra protection could save your life.

If you find that everyone else on your side took the point and ran off to the next, expecting the enemy to work on the honor system and not come back to recapture it, don’t bother. You wont hold it singlehandedly and you don’t want those folk on the other side using your own hard work against you when it comes time to recapture the point.

Don’t Worry About Lootboxes:

Because they aren’t in the game. Everything in the launch version can either be earned by accomplishing tasks or purchased with Company Coin that is earned in game. There will be a premium currency launched later to support the free expansions, but the plans for what that will entail haven’t even been finalized. Just enjoy the game and don’t worry about not earning something because of bad luck.