Gothic Puzzler Iris.Fall Delayed to December, Gets New Trailer

Announced back in September, Iris.Fall looks to be an intriguing puzzle/adventure game from Zodiac Interactive and developers NEXT Studio. Unfortunately, now it does look like we’ll have to wait a little longer for it, if only slightly. It was announced that Iris.Fall’s release date has been moved to December 7, away from the original November release window. NEXT Studio states that the reason behind this move is simply to apply a bit more polish and do some fine-tuning in order to deliver the best experience possible.

As a consolation prize, though, we still receive a new trailer for the game to wet our whistles. Seen below, the new clip shows off the surreal, vaudeville-inspired visuals, as well as the eerie monochrome style. We also get a look into some of the puzzle designs, including the use of traveling through shadows. Plot-wise, things are still light, as our heroine’s journey as they follow an odd cat into a mysterious theater remains an enigma. It all still looks tantalizing, though, and we look forward to Iris.Fall when it hits PC on December 7.