Hitman 2 Gameplay Launch Trailer Shows Off Skills

From IO Interactive comes a brand new Hitman 2 gameplay trailer showing off limitless possibilities for Agent 47. The world is our weapons as we sneak and infiltrate our way to assassination targets. With six dynamic sandbox locations and over 100 hours of content, this new Hitman installment is gearing up to be the most ambitious the series has ever been. Players will also get to experience a franchise-first online multiplayer modes in Sniper Assassin and Ghost Mode.

In Sniper Assassin mode, players will work together online to take down their targets. Those who feel their marksmanship is the best can also enter the Sniper Assassin Competition for a chance at a grand prize of getting their name and likeness put into the Hitman 2 content. Ghost Mode has players competing against each other to see who can kill targets the cleanest and quickest by utilizing weapons, drops, disguises and more.

To top off the Hitman 2 content, the Elusive Target mission will become available to players on November 20 and will run for two weeks. Players were given the chance to vote on a unique unlockable item from completing the Elusive Target mission and decided on the Explosive Pen. The Pen will become available once the target is dispatched. Take caution, however, as once the Elusive Target is gone from the game, he will never be seen again. Hitman 2 will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 13.