New Friends Join the Fight in the Kirby Star Allies Wave Three Update

Baddies beware, even more of Kirby’s friends are here. The next big update for Kirby Star Allies will be hitting at the end of the month, bringing three new characters and a brand new mode for the game along with it. Once it’s live, Magolor, Taranza and Susie will all be available to fight at Kirby’s side, and the new “Heroes in Another Dimension” mode will allow players to take direct control of their favorite allies for the first time.

Each of these new characters comes with their own unique set of abilities. Magolor, from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland, can shoot a ring of fire and crush its enemies with a giant sword. Taranza, from Kirby Triple Deluxe, can shoot web and energy balls as well as a giant flower. Finally, Susie, from Kirby Planet Robobot, can zap enemies with her ray gun, fly around with her jetpack and summon a large mech suit in order to barrel through enemies. All of these characters and more can also be used directly by the player in the “Heroes in Another Dimension” mode.

This brand new mode for Kirby Star Allies gives players a new space to explore and alternate versions of past bosses to fight. These include Parallel Krackle, Parallel Woods, a completely jacked Parallel Dedede and a combined fight against all three Mage Sisters. There quite a lot coming Kirby’s  way, hopefully he’s prepared for it.

The wave three update for Kirby Star Allies hits Nintendo Switch on November 30.