Runner3 Sprints to PS4 Next Week with Massive Updates for Switch, PC

Choice Provisions has announced that Commander Video is up and running again in Runner3 for PlayStation 4. The title is already out for PC and Nintendo Switch, with a release for PS4 next week. At the same time of launch on PS4, the Switch and PC versions will receive a huge free update with loads of content. Much of the update is based on player feedback since the game’s original release in May. Players can expect to see new changes in permanent bug fixes, new difficulties and more.

Players will now have the ability to toggle enemy density, add more checkpoints to levels, disable the bonk counter, turn off collectibles and turn on stair assists. A new self-bonk feature will help players trying to go for a perfect run or a collectible. Additionally, all character moves will be available from the get-go. Now is also a great time to grab the game since it will receive a permanent price drop from $29.99 to $19.99 with a 50% off discount in the first two weeks of the PS4 launch. Runner3 is available for PC and Switch, with the PlayStation 4 version launching on November 13.