The Quiet Man Breaks Its Silence With New Update Introducing Sound

Square Enix today confirmed that a new update is now available for The Quiet Man.

Called ‘Answered,’ the introduction of the update to the recently released action-adventure title will add sound, voices and full subtitle support.

The Life Is Strange 2 publisher believes that the “new experience will provide the final answers to the lingering mysteries of The Quiet Man and let players know the truth within this unique interactive experience.”

Players step into the role of a deaf protagonist, Dane, with the story unfolding over the course of a single night. As Dane, players are tasked with finding out why a masked man, Bird Man, has kidnapped the musician Lala.

Last month, the publisher revealed that a Grammy Award-winning artist would produce an original song for the title.

Human Head Studios’ title, which was revealed during Square Enix’s E3 press conference in June, launched last week for PlayStation 4 and PC.

From November 1 to November 15, PS4 owners will be able to pick up a dynamic theme and eight PlayStation Network avatars with their purchase of the title. Meanwhile, Steam users will receive seven desktop and mobile wallpapers.

Along with the aforementioned perks, Square Enix has a ten percent launch discount in place on both platforms in the first half of November.

Hardcore Gamer panned The Quiet Man, which received a very disappointing score in our review.

“The Quiet Man is nothing short of a shoddy, broken, incomplete, tonally-deaf chore of a few hours,” reviewer Jordan Helm wrote.

“Even some of the worst releases this year alone could, arguably, be deemed more ambitious and more focal to their aims (regardless of the end product/direction), but The Quiet Man doesn’t even rustle up the effort to at least try and explore its prime concept of a deaf protagonist.

“Add to this the technically incompetent combat, subpar graphics and wonky progression from start to finish and it’s safe to say that The Quiet Man will go down as the absolute worst game of 2018.”