Battlefield V’s Firestorm Mode Limited to 64 Players At Launch

Battlefield V’s own take on the popular Battle Royale mode, in the form of Firestorm, won’t be out until March 2019 — four months after release — but those expecting the mode to feature a possible, well-rounded hundred players for a particular round, as a result of said four month wait, may have to think again.  Ryan MacArthur, the live service development director, has stated that the current target for the game is to support up to 64 players.

The reason for a number even lower than the likes of Call of Duty 4’s own Blackout mode (itself launching with support of up to 88 players and later updating it to accommodate 100 players shortly thereafter)? “With Firestorm, one of the key things is that it needs to feel like it’s Battlefield.” MacArthur explains. “At the moment we’re looking at 64 [players].” MacArthur hasn’t stated whether the game will update along the way to increase that play-count or not. Battlefield V is available for PS4, Xbox One & PC on November 20.