Get Ready to Feel With Valiant Hearts: The Great War on Nintendo Switch

A story of friendship, love and sacrifice, Valiant Hearts: The Great War is an emotional journey that follows five separate strangers in a world torn apart by World War I. Brought together by the horrors of war and a canine companion, players will follow these protagonists on a journey filled with exploration, action and riddles. Explore famous WWI locations and crucial turning points in history, like the Battle of Marne and Somme.

Nintendo Switch players will be able to utilize touch controls as the game has been optimized for Switch functionality. Additionally, the Switch version will have access to extras like an artwork gallery and interactive graphic story, Valiant Hearts: Dogs of War. The graphic story tells the tale of Walt the dog and his sister Cassie in the early years of WWI as they navigate dangerous trenches in order to deliver important messages and rescue fallen soldiers. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is now available for Nintendo Switch.