PVP Shoot-‘Em-Up Rival Megagun To Blow Players Away on November 29

During an edition of Screenshot Saturday last month, we noted that unique shoot-’em-up game Rival Megagun seemed to be nearing an official full release. Well, lo and behold, we now have an official release date for the game, with a new trailer to boot! With the assistance of Degica Games, developer Spacewave Software now has the game ready for a release later this month. Now, fans of the genre will definitely have something to look forward to.

The clip below shows off a good chunk of the game’s action, and illustrates its premise perfectly. Two players with different ships and characters blast away enemies on two sides of a vertical-scrolling shooter, either attacking each other or sending more hazards to the other side. Once powered up, you can transform into a Mega Gunship boss to confront your opponent with even more firepower. It’s a unique twist on the classic formula that comes with local and online multiplayer, and a single-player arcade mode. Rival Megagun comes out on November 29 for all major platforms, and could be one of this year’s hidden gems.