Co-op RPG Breach Showcases Auros Gladiator Class in New Trailer

Developers QC Games are definitely working on something ambitious with Breach, a massive co-op RPG. For one things, players will have a massive twenty classes to choose from in their battle against a humanity-threatening cataclysm. And with a roster that huge, you had best believe they need to start properly showcasing each class ASAP. Hence the latest trailer for the game kicking things off by showcasing the Auros Gladiator class, as seen below.

Seeing as how Breach can be at least partially described as a “dungeon brawler,” a melee class seems especially appropriate. The Auros Gladiator can launch enemies into the air, and with perfect timing, can then juggle them indefinitely. Mid-air attacks are indeed a specialty here, being able to drag enemies to them and/or smack them down. Top it off with an ultimate attack that flings an enemy into all of the others, and you have a fine one-on-one fighter. Breach will be hitting PC in Early Access later this Winter, with a free-to-play launch in 2019, so look out for it.