Take a Gelly Break This November Exclusively on Nintendo Switch

Gelly Break, a colorful co-op platformer from ByteRockers’ Games, will be coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch this month, EuroVideo Medien GmbH today announced.

According to the German publisher, the title will be priced at £29.99 and will be available on November 29.

Players take control of either an orange or green Gelly, which only allows them to interact with the corresponding color platform. Working together, players must help each other move forward as they fight off enemies belonging to Evil Blob across six worlds.

Each level contains different challenges and hidden rewards, while players can change the difficulty after each stage is completed.

The platformer can be played either in co-op or in a single-player mode, with the latter allowing them to control both of the Gellies.

“Gelly Break is fun for players of all ages and in all situations — be it holiday time at home with the family or an evening party with friends,” EuroVideo said in a press release.