Release Date Announced for Arcade-Inspired Battle Princess Madelyn

Causal Bit Games and Hound Picked Games today announced a release date for Battle Princess Madelyn.

The action-adventure title will be released on December 6 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, with a Nintendo Wii and PlayStation Vita launch planned for 2019.

The Canadian-based independent developer, which had announced a fall release date for the title, launched a Kickstarter campaign on March 16, 2017. Only two days later, Causal Bit reached its $60,000 target on the crowdfunding platform.

At the time of this writing, Battle Princess Madelyn has raised an incredible $212,665 thanks to 3,402 Kickstarter backers.

The arcade-inspired title draws its inspiration “from the golden age of console gaming,” along with the developer saying that it is set “in the vein of Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap.”

Players step into the role of the young knight Madelyn, who is accompanied on her journey by a supernatural pet dog, Fritzy. Madelyn sets out to confront — and stop — an evil wizard in order to save her kingdom and family.

Powered on the Unity Engine, Causal Bit’s latest title has ten levels that consist of five stages each. Players will be able to discover hidden collectibles throughout the world, as well as being able to replay different stages once they’ve been unlocked.

In September, the studio also confirmed that the title would have an arcade mode.

“It’s been an exciting, exhaustive, stressful, enjoyable, frustrating, etc. period over the last two years developing Battle Princess Madelyn and I would do it all over again,” says creative director and lead artist Christopher Obritsch.

“The feedback that has been given in the creation of the game, the positive remarks, the way social media, the specialist gaming press, etc. have supported the game throughout this long period has been nothing short of remarkable.

“The end result is a game the team is all proud of and went beyond what was envisioned. Within a very short time, gamers will be able to play Battle Princess Madelyn. I hope it will give them as much enjoyment as it has to the team that created it!”