EA Announces Details for the Remastered Command & Conquer Games

About a month ago, EA announced that it would be remastering the original Command & Conquer PC games. As of today, we have some details. EA is partnering with Petroglyph Games to remaster the C&C collection. This will include Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn along with the original Red Alert and all the expansions: Covert Ops, Counterstrike and Aftermath. More importantly, the team at Petroglyph worked on the original games so the focus will be staying true to the originals. Many of the original developers from Westwood Studios (the studio behind the originals that EA eventually bought out) will be working directly on the title.

EA is also partnering with Lemon Sky Studios to bring the games to 4K resolution. Lemon Sky has a “unique specialty” in remastering classic RTS titles. Development has yet to start on the games, but players can engage via Reddit and community channels as all the input has been implemented. The original plan was the to just remaster the first game, however due to community input, the team decided to include Red Alert. The game will also not include microtransactions and currently is slated to be a PC game. You can check out the video below of the official announcement for the project. You can also read the announcement here.