New Features Added with Xbox One November Update

Microsoft rolled out a new update for their Xbox One console today. As soon as the update is applied, Xbox One owners will be able to enjoy new features such as full mouse and keyboard support, new voice commands, expanded search results and a new Amazon music app. These aren’t overly dramatic to be sure, but they should all go a long way towards making the system more user-friendly.

The most exciting feature added with this update is full mouse and keyboard support for the system. It won’t be as simple as just plugging in the devices and playing whichever game one wants though, as only Fortnite and Warframe are currently supported. Support for a few more games will be coming later in the month, and possibly more in the future depending on whether or not more developers decide to make use of the feature.

Voice commands support will be coming via Xbox Skill for Cortana and Alexa. With this update, players will be able to use their voice command devices to close applications and navigate through the system. As for the expanded search options, players will now be able to see results from Xbox Assist and will include any games one has access to through Xbox Games Pass, EA Access and other similar services.

The Xbox One November update is available for download right now.