THQ Nordic Continue Year of Spending by Acquiring Bugbear, Coffee Stain Studios

There’s no sign of THQ Nordic’s recent spending spree this year letting up with the news that the Austria-based publisher has acquired an additional two publishers: Bugbear Entertainment and Coffee Stain Studios. Bugbear have specialised in racing-orientated titles with their latest offering being this year’s Wreckfest which released in June, with a planned console release sometime next year.

Coffee Stain Studios on the other-hand have a fair bit more of a variety when it comes to genres they themselves have dabbled in. And while the Sweden-based studio has such titles like Sanctum (along with its sequel) as well helping with publishing duty for upcoming titles like Deep Rock Galactic among their roster, they are perhaps better known to many as the developers behind 2014’s Goat Simulator.

On top of all this, THQ Nordic also confirm that they’ve acquired the Expeditions… IP from Logic Artists with the intent to create a third iteration in the series. It’s just one of the publisher’s proclaimed 55 games currently in production — 35 of which are still to be properly unveiled/announced. Both Bugbear and Coffee Stain join the likes of Koch Media, Deep Silver, Experiment 101, HandyGames and a plethora of video game IP’s to the THQ Nordic roster.