Check Out Fifteen Minutes of Eastward Gameplay

Shanghai-based developers Pixpil have been hard at work on Eastward, their upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure/RPG game. And for those who didn’t get to see the game last weekend at Day of the Devs, now you too can get to see all of that hard work in action. Publishers Chucklefish now have a fifteen-minute gameplay preview ready for everyone to see, which you can check out below. The clip showcases what appears to be a moment in the game’s beginning, but still a very impressive moment.

We see one part of the journey our heroes John and Sam undertake, beginning in a town filled with colorful characters and a bit of humor. From there they set out to recover some equipment from a few monsters, walking through lush scenery and various ruins. After tackling some puzzles using each character’s unique abilities and engaging in Zelda-esque combat, we experience our first boss encounter. Finally, it all naturally ends with the promise of a bigger adventure to come. The graphics look exceptional, the combat appears to be fun, and the designs are amazing (props to the two-headed duck plant that shoots smaller, exploding ducks), so Eastward is still definitely a game to watch out for. No release window exists yet, but stay tuned for the eventual news on when Eastward hits the PC.