Mad Machines Paves the Way for Discord Early Access

Gaming Social Media site Discord has started delving into the selling of titles through its Discord Store. In a Discord first, the site has officially stepped into the Early Access arena with aggressively and brutally fast-paced robot hockey, Mad Machines. Players compete with one of three unique classes of magnetic, armor-plated robot machines: Chopper, Jet and Viking. Choose your class and show your grit in a hockey-like competition that is fought over a deadly, magnetized metal spike-ball. Choose from 1-v-1, 2-v-2 or 3-v-3 and score the most goals to win. The competitive multiplayer game from Hero Blocks, an independent development studio founded in Denmark, is a First on Discord title and will be available as the marquee title in the store’s new, curated Early Access program for $14.14 USD/€12.12 EU. Visit the Discord Store to join the fray.