Humble Jumbo Bundle 12 Now Available

An all-new Humble Jumble bundle is out and features some of the best value for your money right now. For $1 or more, you can get Pinstripe, Super House of Dead Ninjas, its True Ninja Pack DLC, and Rise and Shine. This gives you a mix of horror/platforming in Pinstripe with the rapid-action in Super House of Dead Ninjas alongside the thinking-man’s action of Rise and Shine.

Those seeking a bit more strategy can beat the average of around $4 and get Project Highrise, Construction Simulator 2015, and Battle Chef Brigade. Finally, spending $10 or more gets you DIRT 4 and Oriental Empires. There is a ton of platforming on display in this bundle, with Battle Chef bringing platforming and puzzle gameplay together in a way that hasn’t been done since Harry Hatsworth on the DS.