Kuso Hops Onto Switch to Kill and Kill Again

The worst part about an unfair challenge is when it’s not actually unfair but rather requires skill and a little patience.  Throwing lives at a problem until you or it breaks is certainly one way to approach an issue but maybe not the most effective one, and especially ineffective in the hardcore platformer genre.  Kuso rewards a calm head and steady hand with survival, not giving an inch to players who rush in face-first to the many, many ways it’s got to kill them.   You’re a little guy in a big level rendered in three colors, with terrain that does nothing is in color, the background in black, and everything else being white and most likely deadly.  Technically white is used for “anything that effects the player” but there are far more spikes than bouncy-platforms, so it doesn’t take long to get a little paranoid about the color.  The game isn’t all death and doom, though, because with a touch of a button you can place a checkpoint at your current location.  The final score of a run is determined by a number of factors that include how many checkpoints you used, so it’s best to go light, but it’s also good to not have to redo a vicious hallway of doom unless you really want the practice.  Even when seeming unkind, though, Kuso isn’t unfair, and so long as you keep on your toes and learn from mistakes you can start clearing a surprisingly long series of tricky jumps with a minimum of fuss like a sixteen-pixel ninja.

Kuso has been out for a bit over a year on PC but launched today on Nintendo Switch.  Put your platforming skills to the test with the PC demo, or check out the trailer below to watch it in action.