Out Run is the Latest Sega Ages Title Coming to Switch

Out Run, Sega’s 1986 arcade racer — and a fittingly addictive one at that — has been unveiled as the latest title to hit Nintendo Switch as part of the company’s ongoing Sega Ages compilation for the platform. It follows the original Sonic the Hedgehog and Thunder Force IV, and according to a tweet by Sega Official, will hit Japanese shores before the end of the year.

There’s no news, however, on when (if at all) it’ll be made available for the Switch eShop in either North America or Europe. Worse comes to worse — and if you, technically, fancy [at least] two games for the price of one — you can always picks up Yakuza 6 or any number of games in that series, and walk on down to the in-game Sega arcade if you’re so desperate to play some retro classics. Like previous entrants in the Ages compilation, Out Run will come with gyro controls as well as support for 60FPS wide-screen. Music from the 3DS version of the game will also come bundled with the Switch rendition.