Eight Days After Launch, Fallout 76 is Already Discounted

While there may be an argument about the impending Black Friday/Cyber Monday flurry of so-called deals and discounted products on offer — and its timing more importantly — for a game that has only been out for eight days, it’s somewhat odd to find Bethesda Softworks’ recently-released Fallout 76 already on sale at a reduced price. A quick scour online will find that the game is already a third off from its original $60 asking price in the US. On both the Xbox Live store and official PlayStation store in the US, Fallout 76 currently stands at $40.19 — coming in slightly cheaper further afield on places like Amazon (via Bethesda’s own account no less) at around $39.

Even in the UK, remaining copies of not only the game’s standard edition, but its Tricentennial Edition (the Deluxe edition if you will featuring additional in-game items) are almost half price, down from its original £80 asking price, to only £45. The standard edition now £15 less than its launch day price of £50 (which at the current rate of exchange works out at around $65 US dollars). It’s not the first time that a game, or indeed a series, of this status had found itself receiving a price drop so soon after release. Only recently, Shadow of the Tomb Raider — despite relatively good-to-great scores from critics — was reduced, much to the dismay of fans and players alike who paid full price when it originally released last month.

If you’ve been keeping tabs of Fallout 76’s state of affairs post-launch however, this seemingly desperate attempt to coax more players into the series’ first always-online, multiplayer outing, looks to have been an inevitability. Currently standing at both a Metacritic rating of 50 and OpenCritic rating of 54, Fallout 76 has not had the best of starts it has to be said, with many of its complaints drawing on the game’s plethora of bugs, technical mishaps, empty world so far as NPCs are concerned and seeming lack of purpose — despite its setting offering some pleasant sights and means for exploration on occasion — not to mention a flawed PvP system that seems to discourage active engagement of fellow players. We’ll have our own review of Fallout 76 — after what was admittedly an enjoyable first few hours prior to release — soon.