Darksiders III Goes Through The Desert On a Horse With No Name

As Darksiders III edges ever so close to its November 27 release date, the marketing is building up even further. Earlier this week, the game took a unique approach by promoting itself through a series of ASMR videos and now we get a little music video/cinematic. Dubbed “Horse With No Name” and set to a cover of the titular classic song, it shows Fury wandering through a desert area, accompanied by a trusty steed. Given that Fury is the sister of War and Death, Horsemen from the previous titles, it seems only natural.

So the video actually serves as the debut of Rampage, the Black Horse accompanying fury. It’s unknown exactly how Rampage will fit into the gameplay – if at all – but it’s still a particularly beautiful clip. It actually shows off the relation between the two in a nice and subtle way, ironically showing Fury’s human side. And yes, all of this does mean that the horse has a name, but don’t let that undermine things. It should be interesting to see what part Rampage plays in Darksiders III and we can’t wait for it. Darksiders II hits PC, PS4, and XB1 this Tuesday, so keep an eye out.