Heroine Anthem Zero Episode 2: Scars of Memories Gets a Release Date

Publisher Winking Skywalker and developer WindThunder have announced a release date for Heroine Anthem Zero Episode 2: Scars of Memories.

The second episode will launch on December 12 on Steam, with a free demo dropping on the same day.

According to Skywalker, Scars of Memories will bring “back all of the fan-favorite characters with a more in-depth development.”

The 2D side-scroller title’s second installment will be a standalone entry, meaning that newcomers will not have to play Episode 1 to follow the story.

Meanwhile, the developer has said that those who have played the first episode can — and should — keep their eyes out for Easter eggs hidden in Episode 2.

“Based on the official trailer, Heroine Anthem Zero Episode 2 continues its epic soundtrack and beautiful art style,” Skywalker said. “The storyline unravels its charm with the player’s progression in the game.

“Players can fight along with their choice of pet and companion, unlock skills and new power-ups, and interact with different puzzles throughout the game.”