Metal Gear Solid V Actor Stefanie Joosten Joins Cast of Spacelords

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain actor Stefanie Joosten will be collaborating with developer MercurySteam on Spacelords.

The 30-year-old Dutch-born model, who played the deadly sniper Quiet in Hideo Kojima’s critically acclaimed 2015 action-adventure stealth title, will be lending her likeness and her voice for a new character, Sööma.

Joosten provided the motion capture, voice acting and her resemblance for Quiet, as well as performing the track “Quiet’s Theme” on The Phantom Pain soundtrack.

According to the Madrid-based studio, Sööma is a member of the Umbra Wardogs faction. Born in the Cydonia region on Mars, the character comes from a cult that is “devoted to helping those who suffer pain and oppression.”

“Sööma joined the ill-fated expedition to the Broken Planet as a rite of passage into her Order’s senior echelons,” reads the character’s description.

“But the terrible reality of the war raging over the Broken Planet will put her beliefs and natural kindness to the test.”


Stefanie Joosten in the recording booth for Spacelords. Credit: MercurySteam

Joosten’s character will arrive in the online action-adventure title in early 2019, MercurySteam confirmed.

“I met with several MercurySteam team members at a gaming convention last year, where I had the chance to play Spacelords for the first time and was very impressed by the unique visual style of the game,” she said on the developer’s website.

“We agreed it would be cool to collaborate in the future if the opportunity ever arose, and I am really happy to say that the time is here and now!

“Sööma is a really interesting, layered character to play. She possesses great inner strength and fights with the conviction of someone who is certain her cause is just, but still harbors a naivety that will clash with the conflict she is about to become involved with.”


Concept art for Sööma. Credit: MercurySteam

Enric Álvarez, the studio director of MercurySteam, added: “We have a standing commitment to our community to continue adding top-quality content to Spacelords, and creating this new, iconic character in collaboration with Ms. Joosten adds a whole new level of depth and charisma to Sööma.

“It has been a real pleasure working with Stefanie. We are sure Sööma will become a major ‘fan favorite’ for all our players!”

Formally known as Raiders of the Broken Planet, the title launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017.

Earlier this year, the studio announced that it had rebranded the title to Spacelords and turned it into a free-to-play experience.

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