Idea Factory Set to Bring Record of Agarest: War Mariage to Steam in Early 2019

Longtime PSP fans may remember Record of Agarest: War Mariage – it was an anime-influenced strategy RPG, but one that never got an English release. Today, Idea Factory announced that the game will be coming to the PC worldwide via Steam with not only English, but a variety of subtilte options as well. It’s a tactical RPG with a bit of a dating sim mechanic that can change the generational outcome of your future offspring. This is definitely a sexed-up tactical RPG, but one that still offers a bit of depth for SRPG fans. You have a variety of classes to choose from and you can customize your characters with a variety of outfits. The game has a set release window of early 2019 – and we’ll be sure to give it more coverage as time goes on.