Rockstar Games Abandons Agent Trademark

Rockstar Games appears to have abandoned the trademark for their mysterious game, Agent.

It was at E3 2009 that Rockstar Games dropped a bombshell. They announced Agent, a brand new IP developed exclusively on the PS3. That was nine years ago, and we’ve heard nothing about the game since then. Rockstar hasn’t officially cancelled the game, buy they might as well have after what they did last week.

During the Thanksgiving Break, Dualshockers discovered that the trademark had been listed as abandoned by Take-Two Interactive. It’s possible that what Agent was could resurface as a different title. However, that appears unlikely as Rockstar and Take-Two continue to focus on other projects. Since Agent’s announcement, Rockstar has launched Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

We’ll let you know should Rockstar or Take-Two Interactive make any announcement’s regarding Agent’s fate.