UK Sales for Battlefield V Down Nearly Two Thirds Compared to Battlefield 1

Despite getting fairly positive reviews prior and up to release on November 20, EA and DICE’s Battlefield V hasn’t had the best starts when it comes to physical/retail sales, in the UK. Whether or not last weekend’s Black Friday sales had any direct impact on the game’s sales — as well as helping fellow AAA releases like FIFA 19 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 surge back up the charts into first and second place respectively — in the end, according to latest figures from Chart-Track, Battlefield V suffered a 63% decrease in retail copies sold compared to 2016’s Battlefield 1.

While the lack of digital sales may end up skewing this statistic a slight, it must be noted that Battlefield V has had a bit of an unusual release, to say the least. Not only was the game available five days early for those who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition, but those with Premium-level Origin Access, were able to start the game even earlier than that, on November 9. How much this has impacted the game’s first week sales is unclear but with the game’s mixed to somewhat negative reception from fans during its reveal and even all the way up to its pre-release beta, needless to say Battlefield V has had a bit more of an uphill struggle to convince players its priorities remain in the gameplay, above anything else.