Unboxing Signature Editions Games’ Swanky Big-Box Moonlighter

It’s always good to see a publisher upping its game.  Signature Edition Games has been putting out nice semi-deluxe versions for a while now and they’ve been packed with any number of fun goodies, but there’s always room for improvement.  With Moonlighter, the pixel-art action-RPG/shopkeeping adventure, the publisher has addressed its one potential weak point by completely revising the packaging, putting out a box that’s every bit as nice as the items inside.  I got to unbox Moonlighter to see what’s it comes with, tearing off the plastic and exploring the innards with wild abandon (or at least enthusiastic curiosity), and came away highly impressed at the presentation.  The extra foam packaging doesn’t seem to have hurt the pricing any either, with at least the PS4 Signature Edition being the usual $15 more than the standard edition.  Also, there’s a correction to the video I need to make here- While Dead Cells came in a larger box than usual it didn’t actually have this new style type of packaging.  Going forward, however, all future releases will have the bigger box and foam inserts to give all the extra goodies inside a safe place to rest.  Check out the video below to see everything the super-fancy Signature Edition Games version of Moonlighter has to offer.