Helping You Help Yourself in A Fisherman’s Tale Trailer

Sometimes the only one you can rely on is yourself but rarely so literally as in A Fisherman’s Tale.  The setup is that you’re a fisherman living in a lighthouse that’s somehow turned into a box with the key locked inside, except that key is you.  Inside the lighthouse is a model of the building, accurate in every way including the “you” being in there moving exactly as you do outside.  Basically it’s a tiny recursive space, endlessly repeating downward and upward but also able to interact with itself.  Take a fork and drop it in the model house and you get a giant fork.  Put a tiny little pipe on the windowsill of the small house and then turn around to grab the full-sized pipe that’s now on the windowsill of the house you’re inhabiting.  There’s more than just scale-related puzzles, of course, but the quest to turn on the light atop the lighthouse can wait a bit while you experiment with seeing how recursive you can get messing around with an endlessly repeating space.

The Fisherman’s Tale is a VR-exclusive puzzle/adventure coming to PC (Vive, Rift, Windows Mixed Reality) and PSVR in January.  The new trailer dropped today, so give it a look to see the laws of space tossed aside like a bad suggestion.