Horizon Chase Turbo Now Available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Horizon Chase has been a favorite of mine since I first played it sideloaded on my OUYA many years ago – and with the launch of the game on Steam and the PS4 in a revamped Turbo-charged edition, it’s better than ever. Now, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch owners have a chance to enjoy the game as well. The Xbox One pad is a natural fit for the game, and worked like a charm on PC – and that will hold true on the Xbox One family of consoles too. The Switch may be the game’s most natural home given that it started life as a mobile game, and now you can play it with console-quality controls and more content than the mobile release.

Other than having over 100 tracks and over 30 cars, the Switch version features six exclusive skins and the exclusive playground mode to keep things fresh at all times. The game costs $19.99 across all platforms and is a fantastic buy for anyone who grew up loving the OutRun games, but always wanted to test their mettle against AI-controlled cars too. The unique flat-shaded polygon look is also outstanding and manages to blend 16-bit style with more modern technology.