Nintendo Switch Performed Rather Well in Recent Sales Period

The scurry for deals and reduced prices alike during the recent Black Friday to Cyber Monday period, is over for another year and it looks like Nintendo may have come out the other side as one of the big winners so far as total sales as concerned. The folk up in Redmond have today announced that the Nintendo Switch set two records during the busy sales period: not only did the Switch fair best compared to previous consoles — beating out even the Wii — but more impressively, the five day period ended up being the system’s  best-selling week in the US since its launch in March of last year.

More than $250 million was spent on Nintendo products — be it hardware, software for any of the company’s systems, or any other form of accessories — between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, a 45% increase compared to the same period last year. Over a million first-party games, be that physical or digital, were sold over this period alone. As a result of all this, total life-time sales for the Nintendo Switch in the United States has now reached 8.2 million units total, with Nintendo 3DS sales now more than 22 million as well. And that’s just the US alone; that ambitious target of selling an additional 20 million Switch consoles during this financial year, may well be one step closer to reality.