Life is Strange 2 Continues January 2019

For the most part, the Life is Strange 2 team has done a great job keeping fans up to speed with the project’s progress. However, the information most people want to know is often the most basic, and Dontnod has been carefully guarding that piece of info until today. While a specific date is still forthcoming, Life is Strange fans can at least expect Life is Strange 2’s second episode, “Rules,” to drop sometime in January 2019.

The team offered a brief explanation on their blog as to why they’re being so careful about announcing a release date. Basically, it amounts to wanting to wait until they could deliver something substantial, even if that means breaking from the release precedent set by the original game. Not knowing when the game is due out might be frustrating for some, but it’s at least reassuring to see a team willing to wait until they know they can deliver something well-made and polished.

Life is Strange 2 Episode Two: Rules is due out in January 2019. Check out our review for episode one to see if its a life worth living.