Card-Based God Game Simmiland Now Available

We can always appreciated a good god game, right? The ability to craft your own world and manage all of the little followers within it and shape their lives in various ways is always appealing, after all. Well, Sokopop Collective’s new twist on the genre should hopefully be a treat, then. Dubbed Simmiland, the game adds card-based gameplay into the mix, a unique element seen in action in the launch trailer below.

Alongside its minimalist style, Simmiland also has players managing their world with cards purchased through various resources one can gain. The bigger twist is that you don’t have an infinite amount of cards, though. Once they’re gone, you play the apocalypse card and your regular game ends. Thus the challenge is in trying to make as much progress possible with a limited amount of cards. Don’t worry too much, though, because there is still an Endless Mode for players who like something a bit more traditional. Simmiland is now available on PC, and may indeed be one for sim fans to check out.