Omno Gets New Gameplay Trailer, Campaign Reveals Final Stretch Goal

Over this past month, the puzzle/adventure game Omno has quickly become a success story. Jonas Manke’s Kickstarter campaign for the game made a great first impression, then quickly proceeded to crush its initial funding goal, and then released a demo that shows notable promise. And now, with four days left, it’s time for one last big push. For starters, a new gameplay trailer is now available, which you can check out below. It combines bits from previous trailers with a few new elements, providing a rather definitive look at gameplay that combines both fast-paced action and puzzle solving, along with a larger look at its ancient world.

But the trailer isn’t the only big addition to the campaign. The final stretch goals have now been announced, and if all goes well, Omno will be coming to the Switch and PS4, and gain a Photo Mode to boot. This former is an addition Jonas has always wanted, and the latter should a treat for players. The goal here is set at €95,000, currently €20,000 away as of the time of writing. There has been no word of an XB1 version or any others, though. This is said to be the final stretch goal, but who knows what may happen during development. But if all goes well, Omno should reach the platforms it desires sometime in the future. For now, it has sights set on a PC release in 2019.