Splatoon 2 Prepares for Frosty Fest Event

Splatoon 2 is gearing up for its final update in a couple of days. But there is also a ton of festive fun to be had with the Frosty Fest event. It is a time for Inklings to celebrate an end to the year while welcoming a new one!

Starting January 4th Inkopolis will transform into a wintry wonderland of sorts. Snow and decorations can be found all over. A Splatfest will take place where you choose between Team Family or Team Friends of who you enjoy spending the holidays with. Plus, everyone’s ink will have a glittering shimmer just to make the battles look pretty! There will also be four new pieces of head gear to own. Visit the news channel on your Switch for New Year’s Glasses DX, Twisty Headband, Festive Party Cone and Eel-Cake Hat.

Check out some of the images below for a closer look. Prepare to party with this Splatoon 2 celebration and put the win in winter!