It is Possible to Change PlayStation Classic Framerate

Thanks to the power of people who like to dig deeper on hardware, there has been a discovery made with the PlayStation Classic. The retro unit that was released on December 3 received mostly negative reviews due to the system playing PAL versions of its game rather than NTSC versions. PAL versions will run at 50hz meanwhile NTSC versions are capable of displaying 60hz. This allows for the framerate to achieve 60fps. You can watch the video below as the guys over at Retro Gaming Arts tested it out. Basically, by plugging in a keyboard and hitting ESC, it loads the menu for the emulator that the PlayStation Classic runs on.

There are some deeper options here, but most importantly you are able to set the region for the system. It looks to default to AUTO, but putting in as NTSC assures this can be changed. Scanlines are also an option along with a software filter option. Scanlines were confirmed by many people that it the option was missing. There is also an option for cheats and even an option to load a CD Image. It is quite possible that if the USB can read a thumb drive, you may be able to actually load an image from it. It is strongly advised to approach this at one’s own discretion as the video shows the system could be bricked. It also doesn’t work with every keyboard as Corsair and Logitech have been confirmed to work. This may change your mind on purchasing the system if you were on the fence.