The Crew 2: Demolition Derby is Much-Needed PvP Mayhem

When The Crew 2 was released earlier this year it was was a rather ambitious and interesting take on traditional racing games. The game took place in a vast virtual recreation of the United States where players were free to travel about this massive open world, taking part in challenges and races whenever they desired. Players could freely switch between a car, boat or plane on a whim which greatly opened up the freedom to explore. This sequel was generally considered an improvement over its predecessor but was not without its issues. One of its major deficiencies was the lack of PvP. In the spirit of better late than never, PVP will finally come to The Crew 2 with their free December update appropriately titled Demolition Derby.

The new competitive update will allow up to eight players to compete against each other in a session. The PVP mode will feature a playlist with a rotating set of events. What we were able to play was a sampling of the eight player mayhem that was added to The Crew 2. The new additions weren’t anything too groundbreaking within the genre, some races and demolition derby courses, but for the couple hours of hands-on time we all seemed to be having fun. Throughout the session there was constant chatter and laughing between the players, which really is the whole point of multiplayer.

The first playlist we explored was several different racetracks. There weren’t any real surprises here, simply race to the end of the track as quickly as possible while hitting all the checkpoints and trash talking the other seven players. It’s a welcome addition to The Crew 2, but doesn’t seem significantly different than online race modes in several other driving games. Unlike the other new mode, the cars are able to pass through each other as if they are all ethereal beings so crashing into other players isn’t a worry here.

The demolition derby mode was a lot of fun. We played three different courses here. One of them was a race in a track in the shape of a figure eight. The objective here was as simple as finish the race first but given the design of the track the lead position changed hands frequently due to the fairly regular occurrence of multiple car collisions. The other two arenas shared the basic premise of win by scoring points, which were gained by crashing into other cars to destroy them and lost when your car was destroyed. One course was an open area which traps, which added the strategic element of trying to ram other players into the traps while avoiding being crushed by them yourself. The other arena was the most fun because it had no traps but instead was surrounded by a moat. Cars, as you should already know, are not amphibious and therefore cannot swim. Everyone’s go to strategy switched to trying to push everyone else into the water, which often resulted in players driving themselves into the water. On occasion a player was a lucky enough to knock someone into the water but unlucky enough to follow them into it. Since water is instant death and an automatic 5000 point deduction this mode could turn into anyone’s game and a commanding score lead really meant nothing since a few dunks is all it takes to rob someone of victory.

This new update brings fourteen new vehicles and more than twenty new activities and disciplines. The PVP mode may be late to the party but it does breathe some new life into the game. The no rules, carnage-heavy gameplay of the demolition derby seems to be where most of the fun will be had. This free update is available for all players and provides enough entertainment to fire up this title.