Clinically Dead Drops Tomorrow for PC, Nintendo Switch Version Announced

PlayWay and Ultimate Games today announced that developer Mogila Games’ Clinically Dead would arrive on Steam on Thursday, December 6.

The Polish-based studio, which previously developed Grimind, has worked on the indie action-adventure title for four years.

The developer’s latest title follows the central theme of death, with players facing “a strange and surprising reality.”

Paweł Mogiła, the studio head of Mogila Games, has said that the title clocks in about four to six hours of playthrough time.

For anyone who finds the color too bright, Mogila Games has added an anti-psychedelic filter to reduce the intensity of colors.

According to PlayWay and Ultimate Games, a Nintendo Switch version is in development. A release window or launch date has not been revealed, however.

“The manipulation of space-time plays a decisive role,” Mogiła said. “In Clinically Dead, [the] movement itself affects time and individual colors determine the time that is left.

“For example, the color blue means a low-time value. The color red, however, is a large amount of time. We move not only in three standard directions, but also in the fourth, which is time.

“The key element of the game is solving puzzles. In order to solve them, in practice, you have to move objects or press the appropriate buttons. More importantly, Clinically Dead is not an easy game.”

For more on Clinically Dead, check out the latest screenshots from the title below.