Two Point Hospital Unveils Its First DLC, Bigfoot

The spiritual successor to Theme Hospital a la Two Point Hospital — which released this August — has received some rather positive scores, ourselves included, due to its mix of humor and careful faithfulness to developer Bullfrog Production’s cult hit. Now developer Two Point Studio have unveiled the game’s first piece of DLC which is in fact available right now, titled Bigfoot.

Featuring the snowy, mythological creature himself — whom pops up as an advocate for better healthcare in the region, no less — the Bigfoot DLC boasts three new hospitals and treatment rooms as well as an expanded assortment of more wintery items and furnishings. Naturally some new illnesses to treat will come bundled, 34 more to be exact. Check out the reveal trailer below and be sure to catch up on our review of the game as well that, despite its clear homages, we felt was still accessible to all players, be they a veteran or having just started in the simulation-styled genre. Two Point Hospital is available now for PC.