Genesis: Alpha One Confirmed for January Release

Radiation Blue’s mix of strategy, base-building shooting and roguelike elements in the form of Genesis: Alpha One has been locked down for release early next year, publisher Team17 today confirmed. The game will launch January 29; the news comes a couple of months after the previous update stating that the game was sadly delayed into next year, with the hopes that it could fall somewhere within the first month of 2019.

Fortunately that looks to be the case and, at the risk of repeating one’s self, Genesis’ odd fusing of genres and premise of exploring the galaxy in the far future, splicing alien DNA with human equivalents in an attempt to survive the harshness of many a locale and, to some extent, keep humanity away from total extinction. What’s more interesting, however, is the game’s planned release platforms, with confirmation that as well as releasing for both PS4 and Xbox One on consoles, Genesis: Alpha One will be ditching the usual Steam in favor of Epic Games’ recently-opened store front instead. A boxed, retail version for consoles has also been confirmed.

Check out the latest gameplay trailer below: