Metroid Prime 4 Development Cancelled and Restarted with Retro Studios

Back in 2017, Nintendo made the huge announcement for Metroid Prime 4 coming to Switch in the future. At the time the game was still heavily in development with only a logo tease, but today we learned that development has stopped entire. In a video posted by Nintendo, developer Shinya Takahashi came out and spoke on the matter. The team at hand working on the fourth entry was not quite meeting Nintendo’s standards and the game was not living up to expectations. Since their plans had fallen through, it was decided that the producer Kensuke Tanabe will instead be working with Retro Studios in order to develop the fourth in the series that they started. Since development for the title has started completely from scratch it will be quite some time before its completion comes to fruition. The team at Nintendo says that this decision was something that wasn’t taken lightly but they hope that fans and players will be happy with their decision when the game finally releases.

Check out the full announcement video here: