Dr. Mario World Announced for Mobile Devices

Nintendo’s mobile game library already consists of a range of titles. There’s Pokémon GO, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Dragalia Lost and others. Now, a new addition is coming in the form of Dr. Mario World!

Based on the NES title, Dr. Mario, this version plans to put a twist on the classic. We already know in Dr. Mario one must eradicate viruses by stacking up the matching colored pills. But Nintendo, LINE and NHN Entertainment are teaming up to turn this into a puzzle adventure game. What that means is yet to be revealed but we can suspect there will be more exploration involved than just the same bottle of viruses. Perhaps actual patients to treat in the Mushroom Kingdom!

Dr. Mario World is planned to release this summer for iOS and Android devices. It will be free but contains in-app purchases. Look out for more news in the near future!