City of Brass Plunders Onto Nintendo Switch

The socioeconomic impact of evenly-distributed unlimited wealth is more philosophical mind-game than observable situation, but usually it doesn’t end with everyone involved becoming the undead guardians of a cursed city.  City of Brass, on the other hand, isn’t your standard economic dissertation, and instead has you taking on the role of a thief looting the cursed remains of a town that made one too many wishes from the genie.  Armed with sword and whip (Hear that, Iga?  You don’t have to choose!) you wander through the streets looking for treasure and a way out, buying upgrades that remain permanent for the current run from the genie-stores along the way.  The hostile remains of the former citizens of the city wander the town protecting its treasures, and while the sword is quite handy for beating them into shape the whip is an incredibly useful tool in its own right.  Whip a skeleton in the head to stun it, use the grab move to pull an enemy towards you right through a spike trap, or set off an explosive brazier from a safe distance.  You can even use it to grab distant treasure and swing off the rings dangling from the ceiling.  And then you die and start over in a newly-generated random map, harvesting experience from the last run to open up new playable characters and shop items.  The next run is bound to go better, after all.

City of Brass came out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One last May and got a nice number of upgrades along the way, with the most recent adding a new character just a couple of weeks ago.  Now Nintendo’s console gets to join in thanks to the new Switch release, letting you get your Arabian Nights-inspired action-roguelike FPS gaming in a more portable format.  Check out the launch trailer below to see how the looting and undead-whipping action has translated to its new home.