Checking Out NIS America’s Packed Spring Lineup

It may still be early 2019, but NIS America is set to release numerous games across PS4, PC, Switch and even Xbox One in the coming months. Normally people associate NIS America with Japanese RPGs, but they’ve got an exciting variety of titles coming up to choose from. Of course, RPG fans should feel secure in the fact that there are still multiple RPGs on the docket as well. Hardcore Gamer were invited to check out their exciting lineup — and this is just the start. NIS America has even more announcements coming later in 2019.

The Caligula Effect: Overdose – March 12, 2019 (PS4, Switch, Steam, GOG) – $49.99

First up is The Caligula Effect: Overdose. Does this name sound familiar? If so, you were probably one of the few who picked up the PS Vita release a few years ago. This criminally-underlooked RPG is getting a new shot at life with a multi-platform release. The title brings with it new characters, updated graphics, gameplay, and most excitingly, a new female protagonist.

The game begins with a high school student abruptly discovering that the world they live in is simply a virtual reality simulation. There’s a reason for this VR realm — an AI named μ (Mu) wanted to save people from their depressing and stressful reality. As a result each student must face their “demons” one by one in order to return to reality. It might sound a bit like the Persona series, and that’s not accidental. Writer Tadashi Satomi previously worked on the original Persona and Persona 2.

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection – March 19, 2019 (PS4) – $39.99

Up next is a compilation title with perhaps wider appeal: SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. Switch owners were able to jump in with classic SNK titles last year, but they only received half of the games on disc. The rest required a free download after launch to their precious Switch hard drive space. Fortunately, PS4 owners will be treated to all 24 games right out of the box.

If you love SNK but don’t already own this collection then it’s a must-buy for multiple reasons. Not only do many included titles offer both their console and arcade version, but there’s also a Watch mode feature for each one. This allows players to sit back and relax  as they watch a perfect playthrough of their chosen game. At any time, they may pause the video and jump right in. The SNK Museum is also worth checking out. It features tons of concept art, promotional material and more rare assets from each game.

Danganronpa Trilogy – March 26, 2019 (PS4) – $59.99

What is there to say about Danganronpa for those who have never played it? It’s a bit like Phoenix Wright, if Phoenix Wright were thematically disturbing but also darkly hilarious. This series of adventure visual novels has hopped between platforms but always seems at home on a Sony device. Those who have never played the series before (or those who consider themselves the Ultimate Danganronpa Fan) will both want to take a look at this package.

Danganronpa Trilogy includes Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Unfortunately, the spin-off shooter Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls is not included. The physical release will come with an artbook, which is sure to please collectors out there.

The Princess Guide – March 26, 2019 (PS4, Switch) – $39.99

Did you think NIS America would only release one title on March 26? Well, you’d be wrong because that’s also the launch date for The Princess Guide! This is a neat strategy RPG where players become the “guide” for one of four different princesses. As the guide, they take a top down view of the battlefield and control the princesses’ tactical moves.

Unlike some other strategy-based RPGs, The Princess Guide moves quickly. The princess in the player’s command also grows based on her teacher. There’s a mechanic where players get to either “praise” or “scold” their princess based on her performance. Each choice changes how exactly she’ll battle in the future.

Neo Atlas 1469 – April 9, 2019 (Switch) – $49.99

If you’re a hardcore ARTDINK fan then maybe you already knew that Neo Atlas 1469 launched on Steam in 2017. If not, however, then this is probably your first exposure to this exploratory simulation title. Basically, imagine it as a simulator of the time period when humanity were traveling to distant lands to uncover and chart the world around them.

Do not make the mistake of viewing Neo Atlas 1469 as a wholly historical simulation, though. It takes many liberties and features a good deal of mythological aspects. As your admirals explore, they’ll come to shape the world based on your perspective. As such, the world itself can be quite different from playthrough to playthrough.

Lapis x Labyrinth – May 28, 2019 (PS4, Switch) – Limited Edition: $59.99 (Switch)/ $49.99 (PS4), Digital: $29.99

Looking for something a little different? Lapis x Labyrinth is a bit like a cross between an RPG, beat ‘em up and a Las Vegas casino. There are eight different classes, equipment and teams just like a traditional RPG. Each of the four teammates, however, stand on each other’s head. Through unique totem combinations, you get the ability to utilize a wide variety of attacks and swap on the fly.

Things get wild when you do well enough to enter Fever Mode. In this mode, multicolored gems explode from each overpowered attack. It’s utterly ridiculous but also a great deal of fun. Lapis x Labyrinth will be available physically as a Limited Edition exclusively. Both PS4 and Switch LEs include the game, soundtrack and hardcover artbook housed in a collector’s box. The Switch version costs a bit more because it also includes a poster and two art prints.

RPG Maker MV – 2019 (PS4, Switch, Xbox One) – $49.99

So maybe this isn’t quite a Spring release, but hopefully it won’t be released too late in the year. RPG Maker MV is the latest version of the famed RPG Maker software. For most iterations, the software has remained as a PC exclusive. For over three years RPG Maker MV was only available on PC. Now NIS America are bringing this creation tool to consoles. It’s a huge undertaking and as such there was already a release delay due to development aspects.

That’s to be expected with something as complex as an RPG creation engine. What if you’re not great at creating stuff and would rather just check out games made by skilled friends and strangers? You’ll be able to do this as well. There is set to be a RPG Maker MV “player” app for each platform. This app will allow people who don’t even own the main software to download and play other people’s works.


Want even more games? Keep an eye out for NIS America’s upcoming press conference which is sure to unveil some definite surprises.